MINDFUL Drinking?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

(From March 2021)

For Fuck Sake. No!! I got an add on FB for Mindful Drinking (I will no longer see this one. I vehemently hit HIDE AD). Want a mindful drinking habit?! STOP.

Another example of how marketing fucks with us. After years of “I’ll drink only on weekends”; No pre-gaming; “Just three tonight”; Water in between each drink…. I get to say Fuck This Ad.

Most of those times, nothing “bad” happened. No fights. No crimes. No injuries or bruises.

But the nagging feeling that something was not right. Why couldn’t I just stop. Who are these people who can just sip a glass of wine all night. Why can’t I imagine life w/out booze? That mind prison is hell. Hell.

Because I didn’t learn to deal with my shit. I learned to drown it out. Numb it silent. Throw vodka at the nagging little bitch voice.

I wanted more for my life as a woman, wife and mother. Moderation didn’t get me there. STOPPING is getting me there faster and faster everyday.

This Saturday, I will say it’s been a half year since I threw vodka at a situation. Good or bad.

This “moderation coaching” is stupid. Perhaps more than that. Dangerous even?

I tried it. I get to say it sucks. Please join me in yelling this out to any sober curious people out there. If you’re thinking AF is for you…if you’re THINKING it…then I bet you your bottom dollar it is.

I love and see you.


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