Playing catch-up

The best laid plans….

I really did intend to use this blog to log my thoughts and wonderous epiphanies <wink wink> on the daily. Mummadoesnstdrink was going to be my digital journal of all things gratitude and alcohol-free “one day at a time”.

Alas, this blog has been sitting in the background, while I go through the ups and downs of sober life. Good and bad. Remarkable and mundane. Sporadic entries after an initial five-day submission streak. My learned instinct is to call Mummadoesntdrink a failed afterthought and just another thing I didn’t do “right”.

But then I call Bull Shit. One thing I’ve learned for sure over these last ten months: Give yourself a fuckin’ break from time to time. In fact, go crazy and be gentle with yourself every day. That’s the only thing you should do “on the daily.”

What I have done over these last several months is hit up IG or Soberistas with random thoughts or observations. Quick, consumable moments suitable for social networks. I even wrote in to Jean McCarthy, the beautiful (inside and out) host of the podcast The Bubble Hour and UnPickled author right here on WordPress.

Perhaps these musings seemed less “planned”. Maybe that translates to less “intimidating”. This blank screen can sure seem daunting and I feel I should write my heart out to connect. That these words and entry posts should soothe someone else’s soul and be profound.

But again… Bull Shit. Mummadoesntdrink can serve as anything I need it to be in the moment. So, I’m going to take the next couple of days to copy/paste from other parts of my sober world and park them here. Mummadoesndrink can be mediocre. It can have one “follower”. It can suck! Who the hell cares. The real truth is that Mummadoesntdrink can evolve.

Oh….I think I get the lesson …


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