Sometimes the grass IS greener

(From April 2021)

Got kicked in the gut today, metaphorically speaking.

Kids went back to school full-time today after a year. Parents in the neighborhood got together to celebrate… poppin’ champagne and sluggin’ beer in pretty mugs at 10am.

I get it. I would’ve brought my own bottle (and not to share) once upon a time. And then I’d be tired by noon, needing a nap, and either cranky for my boys, or chasing the buzz all day long. That mind prison I loathe.

But today it hit me how important this COVID bubble has been for my sobriety. It’s time to get out into the world again so I should celebrate small moments. I’m grateful the shaky hands I saw this morning weren’t mine. I’m relieved I wasn’t worried if it was “too soon” to refill a glass. I’m hopeful that times like these are going to get easier. And I’m thankful for my 7 months. They’re a decent foundation for “No thanks. I don’t drink.”

<breathe in, breathe out>

For me, life actually is greener over here.


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