Word of the Year 2021: Connection

(From March 2021) The sober community offers so much. I’m part of “Women for Sobriety” (WFS), which I found here on WordPress. I meet weekly over Zoom with a group of beautiful women who all reside here in lovely Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Last week, our fearless leader and moderator asked us what our WordContinue reading “Word of the Year 2021: Connection”

MINDFUL Drinking?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

(From March 2021) For Fuck Sake. No!! I got an add on FB for Mindful Drinking (I will no longer see this one. I vehemently hit HIDE AD). Want a mindful drinking habit?! STOP. Another example of how marketing fucks with us. After years of “I’ll drink only on weekends”; No pre-gaming; “Just three tonight”;Continue reading “MINDFUL Drinking?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”

Just a break

(From February 2021) My life is good. Amazing husband, two boys I adore. A job that supports us. A roof over our head. But I’m still tired. Tired of parenting in a pandemic. The word “Mom” is uttered 7 times before I’m fully through the door. The boys, my husband, the dogs…they all need myContinue reading “Just a break”

As Big as the Sun

(From January 2021) Day 103: I’m “Mumma Doesn’t Drink” so naturally I’m finding that some of my truest joy comes from moments with my little boys. Moments that I’m present for. Moments that I can press the Pause button on and really savor. I couldn’t wait to celebrate 100 days AF, but it ended upContinue reading “As Big as the Sun”

Playing catch-up

The best laid plans…. I really did intend to use this blog to log my thoughts and wonderous epiphanies <wink wink> on the daily. Mummadoesnstdrink was going to be my digital journal of all things gratitude and alcohol-free “one day at a time”. Alas, this blog has been sitting in the background, while I goContinue reading “Playing catch-up”

Slingshot into maturity

Almost five months. Sobriety has been like a slingshot into a new way of thinking. I can’t hold onto regrets I have about my Dad. I can honor him not by “forgiving” him but by “promising” him I will keep growing up and learning the lessons. When we heal for ourselves, we heal for others.Continue reading “Slingshot into maturity”


Don’t worry. I’m not going on some “mask vs. no mask” rant or hashtag stay-the-fuck-home preach. I’m here to talk science of the body and its functioning. Physiology, baby. So, on my Day 2 I learned how I inflamed my liver with excessive vodka shots. My liver levels were borderline in June 2020. By SeptContinue reading “Day 37: SCIENCE, PEOPLE!”

The wheels on the bus…

Day 25 🙏. I put my little boys on the bus to in-person school today. This is the first time my oldest goes back to school since March 16 2020. And today is my youngest’s first day in Kindergarten. He gets to ride the bus with his big brother! We’ve been waiting years for thisContinue reading “The wheels on the bus…”

Nap Wine

I wish the “mommy wine” culture would go away. Just vanish. All the T-shirt puns. The memes. All the oversized wine glasses. And for the love of god, every single piece of “Pump and Dump” merchandise. Believe me – I’m not claiming to be the first to point out this twisted marketing mess. Goddesses Glennon,Continue reading “Nap Wine”

Red Wedding

I love Clare Pooley’s “The Sober Diaries”. She’s amazing. She is so witty. Not in the least condescending. When I read her Day 0, I laughed. She writes about how she looked down at her coffee mug filled with the remnants of a wine bottle…at 11AM. It said “World’s Best Mum” on the outside ofContinue reading “Red Wedding”