As Big as the Sun

(From January 2021)

Day 103: I’m “Mumma Doesn’t Drink” so naturally I’m finding that some of my truest joy comes from moments with my little boys. Moments that I’m present for. Moments that I can press the Pause button on and really savor.

I couldn’t wait to celebrate 100 days AF, but it ended up being a tough day. My 7-year-old saw me in my room after a difficult phone call. He came in, held my face and said, “Mumma…the love you give yourself is as big as a dime. But the love you give everyone else is as big as the Sun.” Then, he hugged me and ran off to find his little brother to play.

In that moment, my little man helped me remember that we need to take care of ourselves, too. When we heal for ourselves, we heal for those around us. Being sober these last 103 days has been a gift. A living, breathing gift. And the sweet heart of a 7-year-old reminded me of that when I needed it.

May the love you give yourself today be as big as the Sun, my friends.

Sober on,


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